Does It hurt?

With every service provided there is a topical numbing cream applied prior to the start of the service to ease any discomfort for our clients. However, each client will have a different level for pain tolerance. The microblading service will lightly scratch the surface of the skin which should not be painful. Most people rate the pain level between a 1-3 on a scale of 1-10 ( 10 being extremely painful). The nano service is even less evasive and does not require cutting or scratching the skin.

How long does it last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent method of tattooing that ideally lasts up to 2 years in the skin depending on the skin type. This technique requires an eight-week touch up after the initial session to complete the brows. Additionally, clients must return annually for a color boosting session to touch up any color that may have faded. You should plan to come back in for a touch-up appointment about 8 weeks after your first session. The same holds true for the ombre and nano services.

How long is one session?

You should expect to spend about 2.5 hours (3 hours for nano) at your first appointment. What will take the most time is mapping your brows, the actual application of the pigment itself is relatively quick. Touch ups and preliminary consultation appointments also require less time than the first visit.

How much downtime will be required after my procedure?

There is a 7 to 10 day healing period. During that time you will need to avoid no direct contact with water on your brows. (so no working out). After care ointment will be provided to help your brows heal.

What if I have a previous tattoo?

Previous tattoos don’t always exclude you from microblading, but the procedure becomes a little more complicated. A consultation with your technician is required before booking an appointment. In some cases, removal or lightening of the previous tattoo is a requirement in order to achieve the desired look. We offer removal/ lightening service for such cases.

What can I expect during my appointment?

The appointment process to create your beautiful, new, 3D brows will take about two and a half hours from start to finish. The session will include a thorough consultation, brow mapping/sculpting, skin numbing, choosing your pigment and then microblading. Future appointments require less time because they are designed to reinforce the work done in the initial session.

How do I determine which service is best for me?

The Microblading Service For clients that would typicallly describe themselves as having dry skin and would like their brows to have the appearance of more hair like strokes, then the microblading service might be the best option for you. The Ombre or Nano Service For clients that would typically describe themselves as having oily or a combination of oily and dry skin then an ombre or nano service might be the best option. The ombre service can provide a powdered fuller looking brow appearance and the nano service will provide you will hair like strokes that won't fade over time in oily skin. The Combination(Microshading) Service For clients that like the powdered and hair stroke look then the combination brow service is the best option. The Moorebeautyblend Service This is a signature technique that offers advanced hair stroke patterns and shading giving your brows an intense 3D look.

Can I change the type of service I want after I've already booked my appointment?

Yes, once you arrive at your appointment and consult with your artist you may decide to change the type of service you prefer.

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